About My Readings

August 2nd, 2019!

“Northside Jimmy” is a wildlife biographer. His art is a unique blend of storytelling, illustration, essay, and photography, combined to tell the real life stories of individual wild animals and their families. He uses anthropomorphism to explore his themes in surprising and humorous ways, and to promote fresh, bold perspectives on the plight of wild animals in the modern world.

As a trusted, experienced advocate for wildlife science and management, his large body of work is a stunning collection of rare and intimate glimpses into the lives of endangered coastal birds at their nests, and of the scientists who work with them there.

His fine art pieces are known for their complex production techniques which blur the lines between photography, illustration, and film making, often making use of multiple cameras, lenses, lighting effects, and mediums. He has written a large library of custom software for the digital development and rendering of his other-worldly works.

His work has earned him several national film and publication credits, both as an author and a visual artist. He is a contributor to the National Audubon Society’s Guide To Ethical Bird Photography. His personal blog “Readings From The Northside” is an Internet cult classic and was dubbed by National Public Radio as the “TMZ and Perez Hilton of marine ornithology.”

He is also a data scientist and the creator of the NestStory (TM) software used by federal, state, and private organizations across the U.S. to manage and perform analysis on nesting bird populations. He is a founding board member of The Little Egg Foundation; a 501c non-profit dedicated to using technology, data science, and educational outreach to help the conservation of endangered coastal habitats and wildlife.