Not long after this, I watched this (gorgeous) Northern Harrier turn at the end of her Island run and fly straight out to sea. I’m talking straight out over the open ocean. I watched her fly due east with binoculars until she was almost too small to see. Must have been almost two miles out to sea.

Then came an even bigger surprise: there was another Harrier out there. They were tiny, but their shape and their flight patterns are so distinctive it was easy to tell what I was looking at. They just flew around and around in circles about 200 feet over the water, occasionally doing the nip-and-dive maneuvers they are famous for.

I watched this for probably 15 mins until it became too tiring to keep watching.

Harriers, you’ve just been busted doing something shady by Reading From The Northside, but your behavior remains a mystery and I won’t tell anyone what I saw if you would please just tell me what you were doing. You have no business out at sea. Or do you?

If anyone cares to venture a guess, or provide an explanation, I am all ears.