An Island Without Us (And Our Little Show)

T2 the Oystercatcher, Northside Jim, and Ann Coen. I wouldn’t want to even imagine an island without us. Especially without me as I’m known to get a little depressed off-island. Photo by Ryan Johnson.
Despite our busy summer schedules, Ann Coen, true gem that she is, has been leaving the main show hanging as long as possible. She’s a tough cookie but I think all of the little babies contained in the show have melted her heart and she just doesn’t want to let it go. Especially “Baby Dolphin.” I get it. We are so proud of this show and people keep asking if it can stay up just a little longer so they too can get a chance to get a very intimate glimpse of LBI’s hidden treasures. Photo by Ryan Johnson.
Ann just informed me that the show will be open from 9AM-4PM tomorrow, Friday August 9th and from 10AM-3PM on Saturday, August 10th. I’ll be hanging around a bit on Saturday to prepare to move the show and answer any last questions. Photo by Ryan Johnson.
I’ll be hoarding some fresh Little Egg Foundation tote bags. Photo by Ryan Johnson.
And some hats featuring the endangered species icons from our NestStory software. Photo by Ryan Johnson.
Babyface. Photo by Ryan Johnson. I mean, not Babyface. The photo of the photo of Babyface. That’s by Ryan Johnson. Babyface is mine. And you can’t have it. But you can see it, live, at the Ann Coen Gallery in Surf City. Oh and (true story) Babyface is none other than BE/40 who you’ve read about before!
Come get provoked by sadness, by cuteness, and by triumph. Photo by Ryan Johnson.
A huge thanks to the Ann Coen Gallery. Especially Ryan Johnson for taking all of these excellent pics! But most of all to the boss lady herself, Ann Coen; for working so damn hard, for being so patient, for supporting the arts, for supporting our wildlife, for supporting crazies like me, and for creating such a unique and special part of the island. The show really turned out to be a stunner of an exhibition which far exceeded my expectations and has brought quite a bit of joy and understanding. I’ve seen like three different people cry. Not ugly cry, but cry nonetheless.

If you had asked me 15 years ago what is the most boring thing I could think of doing during the summer, I’d answer without hesitation: “Going to an art gallery!” If you asked me to name something only slightly less boring, I would have definitely said “birds.”

We worked hard to make this a fascinating, emotional, exciting, and unexpected exhibit; and eye-opener which might push every heart and mind it touched towards a deeper connection to our island’s animals; while also getting a few laughs. After a few days of sharing it, I can say with confidence, we nailed it!

I encourage everyone to come see what all the fuss is about, and please share the news with anyone who might want to see this last glimpse of An Island Without Us.

The show will be open from 9AM-4PM tomorrow, Friday August 9th, and from 10AM-3PM on Saturday, August 10th.


7 thoughts on “An Island Without Us (And Our Little Show)

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  1. Congratulations Jim and Ann. You did indeed nail it. My husband was astounded by your photos and has a new appreciation when I talk about your blog. We will enjoy living with our photo treasures of Little Champion, Jack, Eloweezy, The Stingray and Larry & Steph’s doodles, Light, Magic and Wonder. Thank you!

  2. Congratulations on the Gallery Show! I’m originally from NJ but now have to follow on “Readings from the Northside” which I love! Can you tell us where we can buy the Little Egg Foundation hats or totes?

  3. The Artwork was Incredible and Captured Wildlife at its Finest!! Thank you Jim!! Ann Marie is the Bestest and a Wonderful Host with the Greatest Crew⚓️ Thank You All❤️❤️

  4. It was a beautiful show!! I was def among the criers and the only reason it was not an ugly cry was bc of the crowd. You put me in there alone? The sobs would be ricocheting off the walls. Your work always moves me, but seeing it on a wall instead of a computer screen, at the end of a long, hard season, was more than my heart could handle. It was equally satisfying to watch the other patrons coo and gasp in delight, just like we do. One, big happy BNB family is how it felt. Well done and bravo to you and Ann! A wonderful beginning for LEF!

  5. Hi Jim,

    First of all, I appreciate your photos and blogs about the island! Second, where can I see the “baby dolphin” photo? I visit LBI in the spring and the fall, when I was there in May I saw baby dolphins while staying Beach Haven, couldn’t believe my eyes. Anyway, would love to see/purchase a photo if one exists. I found you years back while looking for information on whales (jumped in the car once when you posted a whale photo). I’ll be back in September and hope there is still a way to see more of your work.

    All the best, Janet Netzke

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