Kids On Grass: Growing Up

Perching on the Surf City Water Tower; you’re doing it wrong.

Cruising through Surf City tonight I heard a baby wailing. A baby peregrine falcon that is. So I pulled over to the water tower to see what’s what.

I could only see a sleepy adult male perched quite peacefully up there. Walking ’round and ’round the tower, I still couldn’t find the source of all the racket. And then it poked its little head up:

Wait, sorry, that’s the wrong photo. That’s New Jersey’s legendary Todd Pover dressed up like a My Little Pony. Sorry, that’s the wrong photo… from another story. Sorry… my bad.
There you are. That’s the right photo. This is the little baby I found hiding up on the water tower.

And so I stood for what felt like hours waiting to see if it was banded. My back still aches as I type this.

But it was worth the trouble because when it finally hopped up on the railing like a normal peregrine (kind of), I got a good look at the band.

BE68. But still doing it wrong.

It was none other than BE/68, also known as “Kids On Grass.” Only now, all grow’d up!

BE/68 Baby Pic. Kids on Grass.

What a thrill to see this adorable little monster again, and right in my own backyard.

Speaking of which, I was glad to see that Kids On Grass sold in the big An Island Without Us¬†show. It’s a strange one fore sure, but I knew this unique piece would find a home. A lot of people asked me if it was a painting or a photo. While those questions are generally boring and beside the point, I will offer you this alternative take of “Kids On Grass…”

Kids On Grass II

And speaking of An Island Without Us,¬†the Coen Gallery is keeping the main show up for a little while longer. While most of the fun stuff is sold out, the main show is still on display and judging by the overwhelming reaction, it is a fun, exciting, and eye opening look at the Island. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, run down if you can. It is very rare, and very special.

Godspeed BE/68!