Kids On Grass: Growing Up

Perching on the Surf City Water Tower; you’re doing it wrong.

Cruising through Surf City tonight I heard a baby wailing. A baby peregrine falcon that is. So I pulled over to the water tower to see what’s what.

I could only see a sleepy adult male perched quite peacefully up there. Walking ’round and ’round the tower, I still couldn’t find the source of all the racket. And then it poked its little head up:

Wait, sorry, that’s the wrong photo. That’s New Jersey’s legendary Todd Pover dressed up like a My Little Pony. Sorry, that’s the wrong photo… from another story. Sorry… my bad.
There you are. That’s the right photo. This is the little baby I found hiding up on the water tower.

And so I stood for what felt like hours waiting to see if it was banded. My back still aches as I type this.

But it was worth the trouble because when it finally hopped up on the railing like a normal peregrine (kind of), I got a good look at the band.

BE68. But still doing it wrong.

It was none other than BE/68, also known as “Kids On Grass.” Only now, all grow’d up!

BE/68 Baby Pic. Kids on Grass.

What a thrill to see this adorable little monster again, and right in my own backyard.

Speaking of which, I was glad to see that Kids On Grass sold in the big An Island Without Us¬†show. It’s a strange one fore sure, but I knew this unique piece would find a home. A lot of people asked me if it was a painting or a photo. While those questions are generally boring and beside the point, I will offer you this alternative take of “Kids On Grass…”

Kids On Grass II

And speaking of An Island Without Us,¬†the Coen Gallery is keeping the main show up for a little while longer. While most of the fun stuff is sold out, the main show is still on display and judging by the overwhelming reaction, it is a fun, exciting, and eye opening look at the Island. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, run down if you can. It is very rare, and very special.

Godspeed BE/68!

3 thoughts on “Kids On Grass: Growing Up

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  1. An Island Without Us – it was just excellent – go see it if you haven’t had the chance!
    Love the little peregrine peering over the water tower rim. In the second shot it looks like he’s holding on/balancing for life -like the newbie he is.

  2. I wish I had bought “Kids on Grass”…..HUGE “awwwwwww” factor! So great to see BE/68 grown up and learning the ways of PIFA. And, yes, An Island Without Us was excellent and well worth a trip to LBI from where ever you happen to live! (O.K. maybe too far from Europe or Asia!)

  3. I was so glad I was able to get to An Island Without Us. Incredible photos, as usual. Thanks for this story too. I drive back and forth over the causeway bridge at least 3 times a week, and was wondering the other day where the PIFA go after they fledge. They don’t seem to hang around the nest area at all. Thanks again for your efforts in the conservation effort and I wish you and Michele success in your Little Egg Foundation.

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