Kids On Grass

Kids on Grass.

The story behind this photo: This youngin was part of a small group of New Jersey falcons from whom blood is drawn to look for toxins in the environment. Verne of Long Beach Island’s BOIS Tower, who was discovered to have the highest levels of lead in the state sample, was also part of the group.

As Ben Wurst and I banded the young, and Kathy Clark drew blood, the other babies sat safely in reusable bags we had used to lower them down to the ground from their nest, where drawing blood would be safer and more comfortable. Somehow things got mixed up and this baby was left without a bag. So we sat him in the soft, dry spartina. Where he was actually quite calm and comfortable. That’s a PEFA’s “happy face!”



Come see all the babies. August 2nd.


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    1. Thanks! Yes, you would think so, but they are uncertain and this is the first time they have ever been off the tower. Importantly, we “peregrine whispered” carefully to make sure it was calm and relaxed and felt as safe and comfortable as could be.

    1. My family and I have had a great time trying to decode this comment. You can interpret it as very positive, or very negative, based on your assumptions. Mystery!

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