Crying For A Better Reason



We interrupt the Larry Loves Ladies series for an important and timely moment of joy.

Many of you know of the unfortunate and horrific events at the Jersey City Falcon Cam recently, where a team of window washers forced two of the baby falcons to jump off the roof prematurely, and then attempted to force the third by spraying it with a hose…. all on a live web cam. You can read more about it here.

A lot of folks shed a lot of painful tears over the past week regarding this dreadful incident. But now it is time to shed some for a better reason: pure, unabashed joy.

The above video is a quick highlight reel from this afternoon when Kathy Clark dropped off one of the fledglings (BM17) who was found on the street below the day after the incident and needed rehab. Watch as BM17 returns to her home and makes her way across the roof to her sister BM18 (who was the hosed-bird).

Then watch the fireworks as BM18 absolutely can’t contain her joy over the return of her sister.

I suppose we’ll never know for sure what exactly is going on here, but I hope you see what I see: the most affectionate interaction you could ever imagine between two Peregrine, and the two of them, literally, jumping for joy. The behavior is truly astounding, and I mean that in every possible way I could mean it.

And now I have to go. My keyboard is soaked from my own tears of joy, relief, and thankfulness. I need to go jump up and down, peck someone I love, and watch this video 100 more times!