Osprey Geeks: Livin’ The Dream

Osprey. Online.

As we round the corner into the Easter Weekend, filled with all of its egg symbolisms and reminders of the nesting season, I’ve been getting an increasingly large number of questions from folks. Most especially, “Hey Jim, what’s something cool I can talk about with people who I don’t have a lot in common with when I join them for supper this weekend?”

That’s easy. Computers. Everyone loves talking about computers.

Now, can you think of anything just slightly cooler than computers?

If you answered “Camera technology,” then you are totally on a roll here. Between computers and camera technology you can absolutely dominate dinner conversation and enthrall even the shiest and most introverted of folks. Remember: when they go silent and their eyes glaze over, it is not because they are bored… it is because they are fascinated. See? This is easy!

But do you really want to make this an Easter no one will ever forget? Then turn things up to eleven by introducing the creme-de-la-creme of conversation topics: Osprey!

You can always be online with a long enough Cat 5e Ethernet cable!

You absolutely can’t go wrong with the Holy Triumvirate of Conversational Topics: Computers, Cameras, and Osprey. I know this to be true because just this week I had the time of my life joining Ben Wurst to link up the LAN, forward the ports, and absolutely p’wn that router, to bring the all new Barnegat Light Osprey Cam online.

Osprey Geeks: Livin’ the Dream. What do you think the first thing we did with the cam was? Read the bands on the male at the nest with the all new, super high res zoom! Woot!

My wife had the unfortunate luck of actually FaceTime’n me to ask some tax questions (boring!) while Ben and I were in the back seat of the truck, dodging the rain, and marveling at this wondrous cam setup he has worked so hard on. It was only a few sentences after she asked “What are you guys doing?” when she heard the words “NAT,” “LAN,” and “SUBNET” in such rapid succession that she had to interrupt us and say “I think I have to walk the dog now. I don’t really want to hear a thing about anything you guys are geeking out about right now. But send me the address when it is online!”

Osprey. Wired.

Ok, so she actually makes a great point. Enjoying the fruits of Ben’s labor is even more enjoyable than talking about it!

Ladies & Gents, enjoy the all new Barnegat Light Osprey Cam:


So now, rather than engaging in dull conversation all weekend, you can invite these Osprey to your very own Easter Festivities. You can even go fullscreen and give the Barnegat Light Osprey pair a seat at the table.

You’ll leave everyone speechless, I promise.

An Easter with the Osprey. Truly, one the no one will ever forget. Meep!

20 thoughts on “Osprey Geeks: Livin’ The Dream

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  1. Great story. Thanks Ben. You can hear the winds ripping and yet, the little one holds on. Happy Easter to everyone!

  2. Wow … that wind – those talons holding on for dear life! Thank you guys for this camera – will be checking in regularly!

  3. Been watching the Cornell red tail hawks for years…and now…our very own nest cam at Barnegat…..beats watchind the Montana cam. Our own home grown ospreys….yea! Many thanks. Happy Easter.

  4. NICE!!! I wish they would set one up at Fermilab (Batavia, IL) where they have 3 nesting sites, but they say it’s too $$. D’ya mind me asking how much it cost to set this up?

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