Das Boot!

Das Boot

Quick, what’s the best part of the above photo?

If you said the amazing baby Osprey, that’s good, but too obvious.

If you said the Red Bands from Project Red Band, you’re right in one sense, they’re awesome, as those bands are allowing us to understand how well baby Osprey born in Barnegat Bay survive. But still incorrect.

If you said the fact that this nest is apparently on a natural snag on a sandbar, yes, that’s also cool and you have a great eye for detail.

But that is still wrong. That’s three strikes. You’re out. So I’ll just tell you.

Das Boot!

It’s that boat in the background. That’s the best part of the photo.

Because without a working boat, Ben Wurst and the CWFNJ have no way of taking care of the Osprey nests around Barnegat Bay. We only have Osprey in the modern Barnegat Bay because of the man made structures we maintain for them. Walk away from those structures and the population collapses. Stop cleaning dangerous plastics out of the nests and things get even worse.

We are so fortunate to have Ben & the CWFNJ willing to do this work, but they can’t do it without reliable access to a boat. They need our help.

We are just a few weeks away from the very first Osprey returning to the Bay and there is so much work to be done. Sadly, Ben desperately needs a new boat. That’s why he has launched the biggest fundraiser in the 15 years he has been working for the NJ Osprey Project.

Every little bit counts. If you have ever enjoyed an Osprey story here on the Readings, or liked a photo, or learned something new, I ask you to make even just a tiny contribution to this really important goal. This blog is dead in the water if Ben doesn’t have a boat this summer.

Visit the fundraiser: https://www.gofundme.com/njospreys

And while you’re there, read the fundraiser comments. It is super inspiring to hear how much our Osprey mean to people and how much they bring the shore together!