The Flowerpot Brood: The Art & Science of Wildlife Biography. Live @LBIF, FEB 16

Come join Ben Wurst & Northside Jim at the LBIF in Loveladies on Saturday the 16th. Follow the real lives of a single family of Peregrine Falcon over four years, from their humble beginnings in a flowerpot to the new BOIS Tower on Long Beach Island. Through this intimate portrait you will learn about the bigger picture, behind the scenes, of the Peregrine recovery and learn how new science and technology are enabling the study of the pedigrees and genealogies of these incredible animals.

You are all welcome to come join me and my good friend and mentor Ben Wurst at the Long Beach Island Foundation for the Arts & Sciences this Saturday February 16th.

It’s story time, and this Saturday I’ll be sharing the very true story of the “Durt” family of Peregrine Falcons who I’ve been following and studying for over four years.

From her humble beginnings in a flowerpot on the balcony of a condo in Wildwood Crest, to the very first moment she arrived on Long Beach Island in 2014, through her command of the Surf City Water Tower while she matured, to her eventual takeover of the Causeway Bridge, to the resurrection of The Shack through the new BOIS Tower built for her, this presentation is loaded with pics and videos from the entirety of the very real life of the Queen of The Causeway, “Jo Durt”.  Through her story you will learn much about the biology of these incredible animals, the history of these birds on Long Beach Island, and the very difficult work involved with bringing the species back from near extinction.

I’ll also share a little of my personal story; how a small app I wrote to help me track birds like Jo Durt has evolved along with her into a massive database system being used by scientists across the country to study the lives of birds. Get a sneak peak at Jo Durt’s Pedigree in the database, and discover a surprise twist which should delight any fans of Readings From The Northside. Hint: you know Jo Durt’s mother-in-law, and her daughter Blue Bonnet’s grandmother, we just never put it all together before!

Come for the art, stay for the science, and go nuts in a lively Q&A with us afterwards.

We hope to see you there. If nothing else, come to see how nervous I am. I really don’t like doing stuff like this but for some reason I agreed to, so let’s do this and have some fun with it.

I have no idea what time it is on Saturday. We’ll all have to look that up somewhere.