Just Beneath The Surface

A few Readers had asked me to post a version of the recent Just Beneath The Surface episode with just the stuff about our coastal raptors in New Jersey to share online and in the classroom.  The reason being, while many people who follow and share the Readings with others don’t even know where Long Beach Island is, they sure know what an Eagle, an Osprey, and a Peregrine Falcon is.

This obviously should make us super proud. Our incredible birds of prey (and also our beach nesting birds) are probably the LBI region’s number one export. The work we do to protect them, and the results of that work, are relevant far beyond the Island… even across the Western Hemisphere!

Kathy Clark has long been a hero of RFTNS, and her praises have been sung here for years. I’m pleased to share her incredible story, experience, and wisdom with anyone who will listen. Like many beach bums, I used to hold many ill-informed and subtly hostile attitudes towards wildlife managers and biologists working along the coast. Watching Kathy work and hearing the stories of her career first hand, starting with just one pair of Bald Eagles left in the state of New Jersey in the 80s, to hundreds of successfully breeding pairs today, set me straight and opened my eyes to an amazing world of beautiful animals and brave, dedicated people working in the shadows to preserve them. Just Beneath The Surface, indeed!

I knew Jon wouldn’t want us monkeying with his video, but I asked anyway and he did us one better: he shared this edit where the story about Kathy, Ben, Northside Jim, and the adorable Falcons comes first and the desserts come second: as it should be.