Just Beneath The Surface


So the really good part of this video is the first part, which is about my second favorite thing on the Island: desserts.

But it is the second half of this video you really should see. It’s about my number one favorite thing on the Island: bird and fish mangling Raptors! You’ll see some beautiful footage of our local Peregrine Falcon and Osprey up close, and you’ll hear from some familiar characters featured frequently here on Readings From The Northside, including Kathy Clark, Ben Wurst, and Northside Jim.

Our local endangered species are a perfect fit for the series Just Beneath The Surface. Both they and the people who work with them are rarely seen, and often misunderstood, yet are a crucial part of the LBI region.

Jon Coen does such a phenomenal job with this show. Watching each episode is kind of like watching movies which won the Academy Award for Best Picture: even if the subject matter doesn’t interest you, the story is usually so well done that you get drawn in anyway.

Jon Coen is hands down the Island’s greatest storyteller. He loves life, listens deeply, and always gets to the heart of why stuff matters. His bit here about the work being done to bring back endangered species around LBI is no exception. Kathy, Ben, and I were all really proud to be involved with Jon, his amazing film crew from Oak Leaf, and the Just Beneath The Surface series.

I know some Readers have no clue where LBI is, or even New Jersey for that matter. You can jump to 7:17 on the video to get to the good stuff (sorry Jon!)

Enjoy hearing the story that Readings From The Northside is continually trying to tell, only this told expertly and stunningly visually by Jon Coen & The Oak Leaf crew.