Things We Swim With

This little film is either a masterpiece in multi-tasking, or a clear failure to know your audience.

While out filming the spectacular live birth of the Cownose Ray, I encountered one particular Ray who rubbed me the wrong way. While it is generally safe to play around with Cownose Rays, there are a few other species of Rays which have been slowly creeping northwards towards LBI over the last decade who pack more of a punch. Or sting, actually. A quick scan of the animal’s details in the water said “Cownose”, but it just didn’t feel right. Checking the footage, I’m still stumped. Or, should I say, out of my depth… unlike when I filmed this on your beach in three feet of water.

The tail end of the film has the footage needed to make an ID.  But I know some of you just can’t get enough of the beach so I tacked on some bonus footage up front for your amusement.

Some of you will be bored by the first half of this little film; others by the second half. Nobody wins.

Except of course for the one, true master of the marine environment who can make a positive, and well argued, ID of the animal!