The campaign to get the word out about being “Terrapin Aware” while driving has been very successful. Many Islanders already know to keep an eye out for these beauties this time of year when driving. And also how you should always help them get across a busy road; the important points being to not get yourself run over in the process, and to move them in the same direction they were already heading and not the direction you might think is best at the time. I used to always put them bayside. Now I know better thanks to the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ.

But a here’s a more subtle point: you should also be aware of babies hatching out on the beach, especially in places like Barnegat Light State Park. These you probably should not move unless you see they are clearly in some kind of really obvious danger.

They have the instincts they need to survive, so if you find them hiding in the wrack, or flailing around the tide pool, let them figure it out.

And however tempting it might be, don’t take them home!