Boring Disclaimer: Trapping wild animals as part of studying of them can be off putting to those outside of the field of biology. Like “balance sheets” to people outside of the accounting industry, it is easy to question the usefulness, desirability, and safety of the activity. Even in the animation the trapper reads like a “bad guy.”

But when we non-scientists have those kinds of emotional reactions, that’s all they are. Emotions. What we don’t see is the rigorous training, the difficult permitting process, and all of the other biologists to whom you have to absolutely prove that your activity promises to have real value and will actually help the animals more than it disturbs them. You have to start with some really good reasons for taking the risks, then climb a mountain to convince and get permission from your peers.

So why this goofy video on a potentially sensitive topic? I guess because I think it is hilarious that such a classic T.V. trope is the biggest scientific innovation of the season.

And while most scientists find it easier to hide these activities from the public, knowing they might not understand them, I believe we are maturing as a species ourselves.

I believe we are ready to know more, to think more, to understand more, and to contribute more.

Shoutout: Dylan Yates, the original Bad Boy of North Beach, gave me the idea for this film so takes full responsibility for any copyright infringement contained within.