Oh Noes!!1! Season One.

Oh noes!!1! Tufters Jr. fell over and now one of his eyes is full of sand. What will he do? Will he ever see the beach or his family again?

Stay tuned for the season finale of “Oh Noes!!1!” Season One. You won’t want to miss the thrilling conclusion.

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Coming up, on the season finale of “Oh Noes!!!1!”…. (caution, full of spoilers)

Pooof. Oh. Tufters Jr. blinked and the sand just kind of fell out. No biggie. Piping Plover babies have to find their own food as soon as they are born… even before they can really walk. So they fall over and face plant in the sand. A lot.


And don’t forget to sign up any youngsters you love, and even some that you don’t, for the big, upcoming Beach, Birds, and Biology Wildlife Adventure. It is a fun program run by New Jersey’s greatest experts on our original Island natives: the Beach Nesting Birds.

The one at Barnegat Light is definitely the best one because the spirit of Tufters, the Lord of the Lighthouse, watches over the thing. But the other ones are probably OK too if you are closer to them.

It’s a great program and these kids will learn more about the beach in this one afternoon than most of us learn in a lifetime. Sign up soon because space is limited and these things fill up. Highly recommended.