Breakfast At The Overlook: With Jack & Wendy

Jack & Wendy’s Pile of Pancakes

On a gloomy-green morning, during a quick check of Jack & Wendy’s nest behind the LBIF with Ben Wurst, we discover Jack and Wendy have made a pile of three, fishy pancakes. At just about a week old here, the babies basically struggle to get their heads up to get food, then fall sloppily back into the pile to rest. But with each and every meal, they are gaining strength and transforming into what they were born to be: fish mangling little monsters.

Congratulations to LBI’s most famous, and most dysfunctional, Osprey couple Jack & Wendy. And thanks to Ben Wurst of the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ and the LBIF for taking such great care of this very, very special Osprey family.