Hey Diane… How Do You Like Us Now, Kid?

“Hey Diane… How Do You Like Us Now, Kid?”

It appears Pete McLain is upping his game this season with his new mate Phoebe Cates here on LBI. This is Pete showing off their beautiful three-egger in the Park, probably in hopes his ex, Diane Bennet-Chase, will hear about it and become insane with jealousy and deep, deep regret.

Last season when Pete nested at Island Beach State Park, Pete and Diane had a very sad, little one-egg nest. Size does matter when it comes to Piping Plover clutch size. There are only 1,700 breeding pairs of the these beauties left on the planet. Laying just one egg for the summer is a waste of an extremely valuable pair’s potential.

Piping Plover kind of mate for life so we have to wonder what went wrong with Pete and Diane, why they failed to connect, and why he moved across the Inlet to join us at Barnegat Light. Was their sad, little one egger somehow… unsatisfying?

Whatever happened in the past, Pete and Phoebe are clearly going for it. And, spoiler alert: not long after Pete showed us this, Phoebe dropped a fourth egg in that gorgeous, tasteful, and well shaded scrape.

Hey Diane…. how do you like us now, kid?!