Junior Goes To Sedge


There’s a lot of backstory here. I’ll tell it quickly, but will then also direct you to the “Nestbox News” for the Jersey City Falcon cam on the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ web site for a more complete, accurate telling, with way more juicy details.

Our story here began a few weeks ago when a construction crew working on the Goethals Bridge dropped a huge steel girder to the ground and discovered three, tiny Peregrine Falcon hatchlings inside of it. Amazingly, the babies survived. They got some care and soon started thriving. Yet with their nest so thoroughly destroyed, an urgent hunt for a suitable nest to foster them to was launched. Fostering Falcons has a very high success rate in New Jersey but it is critical to match the age of a foster to the other young at the nest. You also want to find experienced adults without a full clutch of their own to take care of. The mission from the recent Reading Cigarettes For Babies was part of this search.

When the nest many of you know and love from the Jersey City Falcon Cam was checked for suitability, the lone chick there was found to be dangerously weak and unhealthy. So a swap was made. Kathy Clark & Ben Wurst took the sickly baby to the vets and, in trade, left Romeo & Juliet of Jersey City the three orphaned Girder Babies.

The sickly Jersey City baby, named “Junior,” was rushed off to the Tri-State Bird Rescue. Under the immaculate care of Dr. Erica Miller, Junior quickly recovered but was now left orphaned and homeless too. Junior was too young to join stronger, older Girder Babies now fostered at his birth nest in Jersey City so a new hunt was on to find yet another suitable nest site for fostering.

Long story short, and lucky for us, everyone knew of the perfect nest and new home for Junior; our very own, world famous, Tower Of Doom: The Sedge Tower right off of Barnegat Light.


Enjoy this quick glimpse of the very successful foster mission where Dr. Erica Miller and Ben Wurst the Osprey Hero deliver Junior to his new home on Barnegat Bay. The weather was brilliant, the mission was righteous, and to join the legendary Dr. Miller out in the field doing what must be the happiest part of her difficult work made for a perfect day down the shore. Enjoy.


And if you just can’t get enough of Junior, see this fantastic video Ben made while the first part of this story was developing: