The Comeback

Jack is back.

“Travelling 1000s of miles to make it back to the Island, LBI’s most legendary Osprey, Jack, has returned from South America to claim his rightful throne. Sire of Danny, beloved Father of Knuckles, Hoagie, and Chump, Jack reached world wide notoriety when NPR…..”

And so is Wendy.


“Jack…, sweetie? I know you’re busy playing Osprey Hero or World’s Most Dangerous Osprey, or whatever over there, and that’s fine, you’re adorable sweetie, but could you hurry it up and bring me the fish please? Sweetie? Now it’s just a formality at this point, but, sweetheart, we do still need to finish an actual courtship and we really need to get to work on the nest before the neighbors get back and people start tuning into the web cam…”

It’s been truly amazing to watch Jack & Wendy grow over the years from the World’s Most Dysfunctional Osprey Couple into the King & Queen of the Island. They clearly have their act together and like any seasoned Islanders, they are getting a jump start on the season.

Welcome home, babies. Let the Island’s most magnificent season begin!