Remember Me

Lady Katherine, You Rest Now

According to the (outstanding) movie Coco, there is a time and a place between when we die here on Earth and when we completely vanish into the unknown. This place is created and sustained by our memories of the dead. As long as someone continues to tell our stories and put up our photos, we will continue to live in spirit and keep a connection to our family in this world. You don’t need to take it literally… but clearly, it’s true.

It is with a heavy heart that I bring you the news that the legendary Lady Katherine has failed to return to her kingdom in Atlantic City, and some new bird is already dropping eggs in her empty nest box. The timing of this loss is especially tragic as this season Lady Katherine would have officially become the oldest Peregrine Falcon ever documented. My heart is broken, as are those of her many friends at the Atlantic, and most of all, as I’m sure Kathy Clark’s is.

Yet I suppose we can take comfort in knowing this storied Queen won’t soon be forgotten. At least not here where thousands of words and piles of posts have been dedicated to telling her story.

And if Coco has it right, and I believe that it is does, Lady Katherine will certainly be soaring through the colorful world of the dead-but-not-forgotten as long as I’m still here… because Lady Katherine is an animal I will never, ever forget.


Long Live the Queen. She was so terrifying. And beautiful. I’ll always remember how muscular and lean she was. She reminded me of a thoroughbred. I’m really going to miss her.

Remember Lady Katherine by revisiting Readings From The Northside’s epic tome and tribute to her, The Golden Nudges.

Now that I think about it, I’m about 100% sure that Kathy Clark introduced me to Lady Katherine clearly anticipating this day, knowing I would tell her story, and therefore keep her amazing spirit alive… at least for a little while longer anyway.

Peace Lady Katherine. And best of luck to this new would-be Queen of Atlantic City. I hope she understands the shoes she needs to fill.