Snowplait! Things What Snowy Do, Too.


Here is a little film that has all the different feels.

To see beach owls playing with plastic trash on the beach is surely a sad commentary on the marine environment. It can make you real angry. But to see baby beach owls playing at all is also hilarious and adorable. Besides, we hand our own kids loads of plastic objects to learn valuable skills with as well. Personally, I always give children plastic doctor’s kits to play with so they can learn how to take care of me when I’m old.

The first time I ever saw a baby Peregrine Falcon flailing around on the beach with a little stick, I thought it was injured. The next time I thought it had a stick caught in its foot. The third time I realized it was playing. Beach Owls play similarly, but more like cats.

Some of what you’ll see here is hunting practice. Some is flight landing practice. Some is just curiosity and fascination with shiny things. But in all of it, they are fine tuning their skills and honing their accuracy. As Dave Brinker from Project Snowstorm reminds us, being just an inch or two off in a grab landing can be the difference between life or death for these little monsters.

Enjoy as Maria, Berzerker, and Baby Buckets show you how they learn to do big bird stuff. And if you need any more convincing that beach owls are essentially flying cats who are biding their time while they figure out how to murder us, this little film is a great place to start.

Be sure to go full HD by clicking the HD icon at the bottom of the video player above.

And if you’re interested, new here, bored, or suffer from poor memory, here is the original Things What Snowy Do, to which this post is a nonsensical sequel.