Pablowl Picassowl

Beach owls can sit perfectly still while turning their heads an amazing 270 degrees. This is great for two reasons; first, it enables them to do really good movie impressions, including R2D2 (and other Astromech Droids) from Star Wars and Regan from the Exorcist. Secondly, it makes everyone else on the beach very jelly. Who wouldn’t want to be able to sit in his or her beach chair, facing straight ahead and appearing to be paying attention to his or her friends and family, while actually looking all around, even backwards, at the many wonders and horrors to behold on a crowded beach in the summer? It is a fantastic adaptation for any beach dwelling creature. So is the ability to fly.

Where the beach owls really have the rest of us beat though is when they put these two skills together.

They can actually fly straight forward while looking directly behind them. It is a strange flight to witness, and is a very cool skill to have, especially when Maria is beating you senseless and chasing you off the Island. Just as with surfing though, your body will follow where your head leads so they can’t hold this position for long without banking and changing course.

Thanks to Berzerker for demonstrating in this very special photo.