Scallop Doodles

Scallopheaded Baby.
I need to get these old photos showing the “scalloped” feathers of a juvenile Piping Plover to the great Michelle Stantial for some weird thing she is doing, and this post is the fastest, laziest way of doing so. Sorry.
While you’re here though, notice the light edges of the baby feathers, just like we’ve seen on Osprey & Oystercatcher. It is the secret to determining if a Piping Plover you see on migration is a young’in. Observant Readers might notice the lack of the black neck band and black head band. But those fade on the adults after the mating season has ended, so looking for those light colored tips is your best bet in figuring out if you are looking at a doodle.

If you work with babies in any way, you are welcome to use this set of photos to demonstrate juvenile PIPL plumage to others, on one condition: you must refer to PIPL babies as “doodles” at least once in your presentation or usage.