Don’t Mess With The Godbabies

Don’t Mess With Ann’s Godbabies. Ann the Great Island Treasure hunter who discovered Steph & Larry’s nest sure was lucky to be out on the beach watching over her “godbabies” when Team SUNY showed up to band, weigh, and measure the doodles.
The Mighty Dennis from Team SUNY retrieves the freshly hatched babies of Steph & Larry from the nest discovered by Ann. Can you see the babies? It takes a skilled eye to find, and a skilled hand to handle, Piping Plover without harming them. Dennis is the true master. If you’re as lucky as Ann, you’ll catch him taking care of our local animals out on the wild beach; and maybe find a Great White Shark’s tooth and some red sea glass too.
Ann’s lucky streak continues as Dennis trains her how to hold her Godbabies so she can help him weigh and measure each one, as part of the SUNY study to learn about chick survival rates on New Jersey’s busy beaches.
Light, Wonder, & Magic on the Beach.
“Michelle, do you think maybe I could name the doodles?” asks Ann, as Michelle reluctantly gives up the great honor to an Islander certainly deserving of it.
Ann get right to work. Peaking into the Million Dollar Baby Bag she says, “I’ll name you Barney Light little doodle. You were born on my favorite beach in Barnaget Light, and you fill our beaches with more light than even the Lighthouse.”
“And you I’ll name Small Wonder, because that’s what you are!”
“And you I’ll name Shore Magic. You are even more magical than this Great White Shark’s tooth I found in Loveladies this winter. Do you like it little doodle? It’s as big as you!”
Ann observes the amazing Michelle Stantial attach a transmitter to one of her godbabies so it can be found if it disappears on the beach. This is a very special brood in Michelle’s study. Two of the four babies will be getting transmitters. Normally only one chick from each family gets a radio transmitter.
“Hey Ann, what about this lil’ dude?” Brian from Rutgers is having a great day shadowing Michelle Stantial and helping with her fieldwork. “I’lll call her Jean,” says Ann, “After my good friend I met on this beach!”
“Whoa. Is she serious? That’s a little dicey.”
Michelle explains to Ann why that’s a little scary. Piping Plover chicks die quickly and easily on our beaches. There is nothing worse than calling a friend to tell her you’ve named a Piping Plover chick in her honor, then calling in tears the next day to tell her she got run over. She also notes that Ann’s names are a little earnest compared to the kinds of names the team usually gives the chicks, including such gems as “Poopsey”, “Toejam”, and “Birdy McBirdFace.”
But Ann is confident. Confident in Steph, Confident in Larry. Confident in Michelle. Confident in the hardworking monitors from the State. And she’s confident in us. And she’s confident in this random beach goer who came over with her coffee to see what all the fuss was about. She’s going with “Jean.”
Ann, Brian, and Dennis return the babies to Steph & Larry. Godspeed little Godbabies. Please don’t die Barney Light (Light), Small Wonder (Wonder), Shore Magic (Magic), and especially, especially you, little Jean.