The Take Over, The Breaks Over: Act 2.

When we last left Mercedes, she and Smalls had just taken control of the dark tide pool from T2. But she wasn’t using this victory to feed her young family as we might expect. It was apparently all just the staging for the real battle which was to come. She was just staring intently across the beach into the heart of T2’s habitat. Uh oh, this can’t be good. I had barely spun around to look when I saw it…
And here comes Smalls. It was a full frontal assault.
Linda Hamilton quickly ran to the aid of T3 & T4, while Smalls defiantly entrenched himself in the center of the AMOY’s territory, peeping his tiny little head of and taking frequent swipes at her face.
While the babies ran for cover.
When Smalls gave them all chase, T2 returned from the shame of his previous beating to defend his miracle family.
Now, we all know Smalls fancies himself to be a quite the little thug; but taking on the entire AMOY family, including both adults and the two young ones, all at once, is an order of magnitude beyond all reasonable expectation; even for a maniacal, little, wild man like Smalls. And where was Mercedes during all of this?
Well, in the meantime, Mercedes had decided to lead the babies across the beach RIGHT INTO THE MIDDLE OF T2’s TURF where she began brooding them and letting them frolic. “Don’t worry kidz. You can play wherever you want. Your daddy will get rid of those annoying Oystercrackers. You’re Piping Plover. You’re an endangered species so you’re better than those other kidz. You’re from your daddy’s house, House Houdini. GO GET ‘EM SMALLZ! SHOW ‘EM WHO’S BOSS! I BELIEVE IN YOU, SWEETIE!” The aggressive confidence bordered on “trashy.”
“NO ITZ NOT! NOT YOURS!!!!11!!!”
The risks they are taking here are extreme. It is one thing to risk your own well being by picking a fight and invading the home of an entire family of oyster knife wielding creatures. It’s a whole ‘nuther level of bold, perhaps stupid, to bring your three newborn babies to the kerfuffle.
Smalls takes a break from brutalizing T4 to see if Linda Hamilton will knife Wendy Peffercorn. Even T4 can’t make enough sense of this to look away from the train wreck, and run from “Mr. Smalls.”

It only took an hour or two, but in the end, Smalls was the victor. By sundown, T2 & family had begun their retreat to the less desirable habitat to the West. And thankfully nobody was dead.

While the whole episode appears to be a setback for T2 & Linda Hamilton and their young family, and a violent victory for Smalls & Mercedes and theirs, there was, in fact, a  kind of truce & tolerance vibe towards the end of the whole thing. Did Smalls just kick poor T2 out of the primo oceanfront habitat like a little thug? Or is something else going on? Could it be? Could Smalls actually be heeding Tufters’ call to share the beach? Could Smalls attacks on young T3 & T4 this season be more about disciplining them? Could Smalls be looking to team up with the Oystercatchers in an attempt to survive our vacations?

Time will tell, in this crazy, mixed-up summer.