The Take Over, The Breaks Over: Act 1.

I was having a tubby (bath) with T2 the Oystercatcher when I noticed something seriously spooked him.
We are the bait, but we are also the Trap: It was The Beast, Smalls & Mercedes youngest doodle. Beast, what are you doing out here at the dark tide pool, on T2’s turf, all by yourself? And where are your mom and dad?????
Looking around , I soon noticed Mercedes hiding in the wrack watching us. Uh oh. Something about her posture made me uneasy. This can’t be good.
I barely had a chance to consider the possibilities. There was a blur, and a flash. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere came Smalls, with Mercedes joining him in a perfectly choreographed ambush of T2 once I had been lured out of the tubby.
Shock & Awe
Perhaps it was the element of surprise that gave Smalls & Mercedes the advantage. Or perhaps T2 didn’t even realize he has an oyster knife attached to his face.
Whichever the case, it only took about 10 minutes for Smalls & Mercedes to claim the dark tide pool, chasing off T2 and causing him to abandon his hard won turf in disgrace.
While his mate Linda Hamilton and his kids watched in fear and confusion, or perhaps amusement.
Maybe T2 was being generous. Smalls & Mercedes’ babies were only a few days old. T2 & Linda Hamilton had control of the most desirable foraging habitat (food place) in all of Barnegat Light. Yet strangely, once they had successfully hijacked the territory, The Small Mercedes Family didn’t forage at all. They didn’t eat a single, darned werm. Instead, Mercedes gathered her doodles together and stared intently across the beach….
… staring right into the heart of T2’s territory. Good golly Smalls. Not the babies. Please don’t do what I think you are going to do…