The Interlude

In the wake of Smalls’ attacks, T2 and family have tried to remain on the DL, keeping it low key, and flying under the radar. This is T2’s first successful nest after full decade of continual failure. He is not about to let some pipsqueak lil’ bully PIPL like Smalls screw this up for him.
Yet, somehow, they must realize that the Park has gone eerily quiet. Right after Smalls & Mercedes’ nest hatched, Smalls called his family back deep into the dune and have remained out of sight since. Perhaps T2, Linda Hamilton, T3, & T4 don’t even realize that Smalls’ nest has hatched. Maybe they don’t realize their are new babies in the Park, and that Smalls now has his little wings full with a family of his own.
T2: “Say Wut?” T4, only in a higher pitched, squeakier little voice: “Yeah, Say Wut?” Like daddy, like baby.

I wouldn’t get too comfortable little AMOY. Mr. Smalls doesn’t strike me as the type to back down too easily. Perhaps he is too busy to mess with you… or… perhaps… he is planning something really big.

I’d advise that you stick close to Papa. And Watch Your Back.