Meanwhile, Back At The Park… Smalls Acting Squirrelly At The Sandlot

Smalls: “MAH PERSONAL LIFE IZ A TOTAL DIZASTER!!11!” While Mustache BYLL and Myrtle have their hands full, and Jack & Dracula are busing searching the beach for gold coins and fresh blood, respectively, we return to the Park to find Smalls looking a bit disheveled and acting a little squirrelly.
Just yesterday he was dutifully minding his three eggs in between short outings to terrorize T2’s family. Apparently, Mercedes likes to decorate the nest. Look at all those shell bits she’s dressed it up with.
Zooming in, you can see Smalls & Mercede’s nest was very close to hatching. You can see the distinct “starring” pattern on the eggs (the little cracking pattern on the rightmost egg), indicating that babies are imminent.
As we continue walking, Smalls starts giving us the Broken Wing Treatment, and this time, he means business. He is doing it correctly.
“Call me Mr. Smalls.” Well, at least for a bit. Then it is back to being a little thug.
The Empty Nest. Good golly Mercedes. You really do like to decorate. So where are the eggs?
Time to call in the big guns. Michelle Stantial arrives at Barnegat Light to check up on Smalls & family.
“Hmmmm. There must be doodles around here somewhere.” There are several indications that Smalls & Mercede’s nest has hatched rather than perished. First, Smalls actually giving us a proper Broken Wing Display suggests he has something he does not want us to find. And secondly, his disheveled feathers could only have gotten that messed up from one thing: smuggling babies.
“There, and, hmmmm… over there.” Michelle conducts the operation.
The Million Dollar Baby Bag. Score. The team successfully locates our three new babies of destiny; the grandbabies of House Houdini: Yeah Yeah, The Beast, and Wendy Peffercorn. They are successfully trapped and loaded into the Baby Bag for banding, weights, and measures, as part of Michelle’s statewide study of why PIPL die all the time.
THE BEAST in the Bag. Defiant. Baby Thug In Training.
The great Nicole Kirkos from NJ Fish & Wildlife expertly measures Yeah Yeah’s itty bitty nose.
And Wendy Peffercorn’s tiny wing. You might get lucky and meet Nicole out on the beach this summer. LBI is super fortunate to have Nicole assigned to LBI to help watch over our local animals on our busy beaches. Just like the PIPL she is minding, Nicole is kind, smart, funny, and tough, and way overqualified. Take advantage of her incredible expertise if you see her out on the beach. I’d suggest avoiding getting on her bad side. Nicole doesn’t tolerate nonsense when it comes to protecting our living beaches from jerks & morons.
Local People & Local Animals Joining Hands For The Recovery.
Congratulations Smalls. Congratulations Mercedes! As Smalls looks off into the distance, we are left to wonder what’s going on in his itty bitty brain. Has he been caught off guard by fatherhood? Have the three little miracles that are Yeah Yeah, The Beast, and Wendy Peffercorn softened him somehow, and altered his thuggish destiny? Perhaps. But the gleam in Smalls’ eye suggests he has a plan. Whichever the case, once again, the hairs on the back of my neck are prickling.