Bowing Before Both Of Her

The Thoroughbred. Lady Katherine Seated On The Throne of Her Kingdom.

Lady Katherine of The Atlantic Club in downtown Atlantic City is on track to become the world’s oldest Peregrine Falcon on record in 2018. For those of you looking for a little backstory on this amazing beast, see the 2016 Reading, The Golden Nudges.

Despite her age, Lady Katherine is one of the most aggressive and dangerous PEFA you’ll ever meet. Which is probably why Kathy Clark loves going up there to play with her so much, armed, of course, with her trusty feather duster.
Lady Katherine’s domain is a narrow ledge along the Penthouse floor. It is only a few feet wide and is accessible by a small door, right in front of which is Lady Katherine’s “Throne”: the poop-covered ledge where she loves to reflect on her life well lived, and where she attempts to determine where all of the eggs and babies keep coming from.  If you even touch that door in the slightest, Lady Katherine will go into full attack mode, so close to your face that all you really see is the shrieking blur as you pray desperately for your own survival.

But the ledge has a roof, with some pillars supporting it. While it is always a bit scary to walk on along the unfenced ledge of the Penthouse Floor of any building, especially while an angry PEFA attempts to scalp you, you can take a small amount of comfort in the fact that Lady Katherine should have some self-preservation instincts so would never fly behind the pillars on the ledge where she has almost zero room to navigate.

Or would she?

Kathy Clark is one of the bravest people I’ve ever met: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
But I don’t think even she was prepared for this.
That’s one bold bird.

These two were clearly made for each other. Respect to both of these amazingly brave and fierce women. We bow before her. Both of them.