The Breakfast Bunch

Freshly Hatched Old Man
Mustache BYLL & Myrtle’s three Little Doodles: From right to left, Flapjack, Cinnamon Bun, and Cyclops.
Breakfast Special: Lil’ Cyclops. The Fastest Plover I’ve Ever Seen.
Barnegat Light Resident Jay has been keeping an eye on Mustache BYLL, Myrtle, and the three little Breakfast Doodles. During a lucky jog, Jay is available to hold Flapjack & Cinnamon Bun while the whole team tries to catch Lil’ Cyclops. Could you imagine… “HEY, HELP! CAN YOU HOLD THESE DOODLES FOR A MOMENT????!!!” I continue to be amazed how many beach goers fall for our local animals once they’ve seen them on the beach. Actually, I’m not amazed at all. Our local beach nesters are one of the coolest things you can see on the beach.
Walk Me Out In The Morning Dune.
RELI and Jay release the babies after banding.