The World’s Least Interesting Plover

Mustache BYLL… a PIPL so interesting, he needs two names. His name is Sam Eagle, on account of his amazingly thick and very handsome unibrow, but his friends call him Mustache BYLL because of his…..
“Ummm, BYLL sweetie? I know you are playing ‘Interesting World Plover’ over there or whatever, but you could you come back to the nest? It looks like something really interesting is going on here too sweetie… and you need to take out the trash….”

Who’s that bringing The World’s Most Interesting Plover, Mustache BYLL, back to earth? I’d recognize those colored band combinations anywhere. It’s Myrtle! Alert Readers might remember Myrtle from last season’s roller coaster-of-a-story, Our One And Only Winky.

Myrtle in 2016 with her little gremlin, Winky.

For those that don’t remember last summer’s shenanigans, Myrtle was paired up with Dobby, a local from Holgate. While three of their chicks disappeared almost immediately after hatching, they did miraculously mange to fledge the adorable, one-and-only Winky.

Myrtle has returned to LBI to give it another shot, but sadly, Dobby has not. While it would have been super adorable had Myrtle paired up with Jack, who also nested at Barnegat Light last summer and whose mate also did not show at Barnegat Light this spring, it appears she is a sucker for a tiny mustache and that Jack got bitten by a Vampire.

And so it seems that Mustache BYLL, the World’s Most Interesting Plover, has fallen for Myrtle, who is, no offense, perhaps the World’s Least Interesting Plover. Myrtle is a sweetie but she is also a timid and nervous little woman. She is perhaps best remembered for her incredibly permissive parenting style.

Stink Egg Snuggle. Mustache BYLL carefully removes the stinky eggshell which their adorable first child has just hatched out of, while also providing a quick snuggle. Looks like the World’s Most Interesting Plover is now just somebody’s dad.
Then in a flash, Mustache BYLL rushes off to take the Stink Egg far away from the nest bowl and knocks over his brand-new itty-bitty. This probably prevents fox and kitty cats from finding the nest by smelling the Stink Egg, and also surely makes it a little more comfortable in there.

The story of Mustache BYLL, The World’s Most Interesting Plover, is true. He does have a super thick unibrow, so is called “Sam Eagle.” And he also does have an adorable little mustache, so his friends call him “Mustache BYLL.” His colored band combo really is B (blue) Y (yellow) L (black) and L (black again): BYLL. And his nest with Myrtle really was buried 3 times; flooded once, and buried by wind and sand twice. The nest was officially counted as lost until BYLL & Myrtle managed to, amazingly, dig out the eggs each time.  It was not clear this nest would ever hatch or if what hatched should have remained buried. These are some very lucky babies, indeed.

So now we have to wonder just what type of mustached rogue BYLL is. Is BYLL a hipster? A free-wheelin’ Harley guy? Perhaps a militant? I don’t know enough about Plover Mustache styles to make a proper sociological evaluation. But he clearly is not just sme freelance bachelor. We’ll just have to wait and see what type of father & husband Mustache BYLL turns out to be.

Whatever the case, congratulations Myrtle & BYLL! Stay tuned.