The Foundation Of The Fever

A Jack & Wendy Family Portrait: A View From The Osprey Blind behind the LBIF. LBI’s most loved Osprey, Jack, comes home empty-taloned to his lady Wendy and their 3 brand new babies Hoagie, Knuckles, and ‘lil Chump.

They say the LBIF does lots of great things for people on the Island. I wouldn’t know about all that as people scare me a little. What I do know is that they have done a bunch of great things for our local animals too, most especially, everybody’s favorite Osprey couple Jack & Wendy.

Ben Wurst the Osprey Hero loves teaching kids at the LBIF camps, most especially because he can make them carry his ladder.

The LBIF is the steward of the last little slice of natural marsh left on the Island, located right behind the Foundation in Loveladies. Recently they have made it super user-friendly by adding a nice boardwalk and a gorgeously comfortable blind where you can sit and watch Jack & Wendy’s nest, as well as all the other wild-ness of the marsh, and enjoy the Island’s bayside the way it was meant to be. If you’ve never visited, I urge you to take a quick walk out there one sunrise or sunset. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s wonderful.

Ben leads a very lucky group of campers from one of the LBIF’s many children’s program on an adventure beyond the boardwalk & the blind.
The campers walk, crawl, or, when they have a severe case of Osprey Fever like Reed here, leap across the channels.
Flying through the marsh like an Osprey.
Behold The Fish Manglers! The Foundation has a severe case of Osprey Fever and it looks like this young man just contracted it from them. I hope he understands that there is no cure. Osprey never, ever, get old.

I’m super pleased to report to you, dear Reader, that Jack & Wendy have three beautiful babies this year: Hoagie, Knuckles, & ‘lil Chump. Ben Wurst is doing his seasonal checkup and banding of these three beauties, so he invites a group of lucky campers at the LBIF to join him. Each gets the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to scale a ladder up to their nest while Ben does the banding, where they get a chance to see the natural beauty of the marsh from the Osprey’s point of view. While they need to remain quiet a top the nest, that’s easy, because up there is a world so far beyond words, where we learn things so deeply and so instinctively, we never forget the experience. It is not an overstatement to say such moments can change our lives forever.

Always A Thrill.


So cool.
The Osprey’s Perspective.
Even the LBIF staff get to sneak a peek as Ben finishes up the banding.
“Welcome to our cribz! ” Hoagie & Knuckles show us their home, their marsh, and the fancy new Red Bands Ben Wurst just ringed them with as part of Project Red Band. ‘Lil Chump, the youngest of the three, played dead like a turd.

Thanks to the Foundation for taking care of this little slice of heaven, and thanks to Ben for taking care of our Osprey. Most of all, thanks to Jack & Wendy for allowing our children into your home and sharing the shore with us.

And as quickly as it began, it ends. Wendy returns to the nest and wonders why in the world Lydia from the LBIF ran out into the marsh with no shoes on. We know. It’s because she did not want to miss her second once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Osprey’s World.
This is The Foundation of Osprey Fever.


7 thoughts on “The Foundation Of The Fever

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  1. Never am I prepared for osprey juvies. The amazing amber eyes and mottled brown coats steals my breath away. Excellent capture!!
    Thanks to the Osprey Hero, Ben Wurst!!!

  2. Awesome to read. I love seeing our area Ospreys through my lens. What a great gift for those kids. Thank you Ben for sharing all of this and educating.

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