Breakfast With Dracula

First, you gotta find some werm.
Lay werm out flat.
Shake vigorously while using twisting motion.
Voila. Werm-ios!

Friends, meet Dracula. Don’t worry. She has zero interest in sucking your blood… just your blood worm.

Dracula, whose friends call her “Drac” because they are lazy, is a gorgeous female Plover. And a local. She was born in the wilds of the Holgate Refuge in 2016 to her parents, Ruffles & Cheeto. She went to Private PIPL Skool there, learning the finer points of werming and such, then took off for the Bahamas last fall. Apparently, she just couldn’t shake her memories of Long Beach Island so she has returned home to us this summer for more of the good times.

As a young, second year girl, she probably faced some stiff competition for primo oceanfront rentals down at Holgate. So she flew up and down the Island all spring, without a Realtor (TM) mind you, until she finally settled on Barnegat Light, where handsome young Pirate caught her eye and encouraged her to stay. And then to settle down.

That’s right, a Pirate Plover. I’m talking about Barnegat Light’s very own Captain Jack.

“Garrrrr?” Captain Jack. The Pirate Plover. Hopefully you remember Captain Jack from last year: husband to Elizabeth, Father to Davey Jones, Kraken, and Barbosa.
Flashback: Lil’ Barbosa, just borned on the beaches of Barnegat Light in 2016. Sadly Barbosa didn’t make it, but his big brothers Davey Jones & Kraken did. Fledging two of three babies on the busy beaches of LBI is a master accomplishment. It is no wonder Jack has returned.
Flash Forward: Jack returns in Spring 2017, but sadly, Elizabeth does not. It’s all good though. Jack apparently got bitten by Dracula this spring. Bitten by love that is. This is their adorable nest from the recent Reading Piping Plover are The New Sea Glass & Christina “Kashi” Davis is the New Todd Pover. Can you find the egg? Piping Plover is the new Sea Glass.

Welcome back Jack & welcome back Drac, or, as their friends call them, “Jackula.” Captain Jack is a Plover of great experience. Dracula is a total n00b, but she’s a local, and she’s got bite.

So it appears we have a Pirate Plover and a Vampire Plover paired up for the summer. I feel sorry for their kids. How are people going to react?  I mean if you are on the beach and you’re Pirate… ? And if you’re a Vampire… ???? But if you are a Pirate Vampire…. NO WAY.

Bonus Drac:

“Oh… hey…. everybody…. look at me! I’m Mustache Byll and I’m soooooo interesting!”

After breakfast Dracula trolls Mustache BYLL, The World’s Most Interesting Plover, just like Tufters did.