Uber n00b Dad Maneuve

n00b. Here T2 hops up to go fight with an Oystercatcher peeping off in the distance. Only he apparently forgot he was brooding T4, whose legs can be seen dangling beneath T2’s wing. When you’re a new dad it can be tough to adapt to the new routine.¬†Old habits die hard.

This one goes out to all the new dads out there with new babies.

If you happen to be holding your baby, especially if you are cuddling it to keep it warm, be sure to put it down safely before you jump up to go pick a fight with something. When you’re someone’s dad, you just can’t go around fighting whenever you feel like it anymore. You have to pick your battles. And remember to always put your baby down first.

But we only tease T2 because we love him. Truth be told, he is certainly turning out to be one of the Great Dads Of The Jersey Shore.