Rainy Day Whaling: There Is Always Something To Do At The Beach

LBI Humpbacks-A-Plenty This Memorial Day

While the weather on Memorial Day was on par with what is wrapping up to be a pretty crappy spring, there is always something to do at the beach. Brave beach goers who donned hoodies, sweatpants, and umbrellas on Monday and headed to the empty beaches were treated to quite a showing Humpbacks frolicking nearshore all over the North End, and probably the South End too.

The Humpbacks are currently migrating from their winter breeding grounds down around Puerto Rico to their playgrounds in the North Atlantic for the summer. One huge bonus of this aforementioned crap spring is that the Humpback migration, at least from the perspective of LBI, has been drawn out with whales showing up on our beaches, everywhere there are big pods of bunker and other nom nom, for the past five weeks.

While it was just too cold, too dark, and too damp to photograph them for too long, the above photo from yesterday answers the two biggest questions people ask about seeing Humpback Whales on Long Beach Island, so it’s worth sharing:

How close are they to shore?


How do you know if it’s a whale?

The answers are “real close” and “oh, you’ll know.” When Humpy’s in town, you can’t miss her.