Plovers And Anglers: We Fit Together Like A Puzzle.

New Jersey. This is how we do.

There is little left of the historic war between Beach Nesting Birds & Anglers than lots of old mythology and stale, hot air. Reading From The Northside has been stuck on this topic for years because our actual attitudes and our professed attitudes just don’t add up after you have scratched the surface a little.

The owner of this rod was tying bucktails at the time, but when the subject of the PIPL came up, he was eager to see them. He’d been trying to but couldn’t find them. So I shared the magic. He was giggling, and proud to be part of the Island. Of course he eventually backed away from me very, very slowly when he realized he’d opened a can of wermz and I was never going to stop babbling about Plovers, but that is beside the point. Everyone has to do that to get away from me. I’m not reasonable and barely sane.

But the reality is that Piping Plovers & Anglers have more in common than they do otherwise. They are on the same page. It’s just a lot of old history standing in our way.

How many ways can you think of that Piping Plover and Anglers are like two pieces of a puzzle that taste great together?

I’ll go first: Plovers & Anglers both could not survive without a heathy invertebrate population nearshore.

Your turn.