Itty Bitty Masterpiece

Magic splatter on eggshell. Artist: Unknown. Currently on display at a beach near you.

It is kind of unexpected, but many of us find that the higher we raise ourselves up on shiny platforms of our own geeky, technological mastery, and the deeper we dig ourselves into bottomless holes of crazed confidence in our own creativity, the more wondrous we recognize the simplicities of nature to actually be.

Maybe it is only in the middle of of our evolutionary journey that we overestimate how clever we are and fail to see that the universe had, and will continue to have, us beat on the miraculous, the beautiful, the clever, and the useful. Anything we can do, nature probably already did better. Our greatest usefulness and most clever maneuvers are probably when we clean up the messes we made when we thought we were smarter than we actually were.

That probably sounds a little dramatic, and maybe even grim. The point is that nature can be wickedly cool when you see it from the right perspective. It is an inconceivable masterpiece composed of infinitely smaller masterpieces. At the beach, we can always sense this. How can you not, surrounded the breadth, beauty, and power of the triple canvases: the sea, the sky, and the sand? And as you continue to dig deeper, getting down to the itty bitty masterpiece of evolutionary camouflage that is the Piping Plover egg, or even further, each individual grain of sand it hides itself in, you can literally fry your brain as badly as you can fry your skin trying to understand the mystery of where this all came from, and how it came to be.

One thing is for sure though: it is no accident. The perfect unification of a Piping Plover egg and the sand where it hides itself just screams “perfection” and “meant to be.”  A failure to appreciate such a thing, and indeed, to fear it, is a tiny tragedy of epic proportion.

The incredible joy you are about to feel, and the swelling of your spirit outside your spent little mind and your flabby little body when it first hits the beach after a long winter, is also no accident. Dig deep, mine those good times, and charge that battery.

And never forget that basking in the awe, and learning to care deeply for the coast in its magnificence is the only way to suck the most joy out of it.

If it weren’t nature’s magnificence on display at the beach that made us want to be here so, so badly, we’d just go to a parking lot for Memorial Day.  Care for the beach and its many masterpieces. I’m beginning to believe it is the secret to getting the most out of it. And the only way to stop it from becoming an actual parking lot we visit for Memorial Day!

It’s not an accident. It is a Masterpiece.