Don’t Just Scrape It. Dig In.

LBI Summer 2017. This is how we do it.

I’ve long believed the Shore is everything the Church wishes it could be. People of all different backgrounds and generations coming together, united in joy and celebration of life and all of its greatest mysteries & wonders. Even the most divided of families will drop their B.S., for at least a few weeks, if someone in that family rents a shore house in July.

We who dream sandy dreams are indeed a congregation. Our shared experience is a deep bond. It requires no words.

Each year as I learn more about the coast, I’m more and more astounded as I come to realize the experience is the same for the native animals here too. Like the Piping Plover above, digging a little scrape in the sand to lay some eggs. Building its sand castle. Digging with joy.  Wisely choosing the beach. Because the beach is the best. Because the beach is for family.

Here’s wishing everyone another summer full of magic and wonder. The beach is for joy. Don’t just scrape it this year, but really dig in. Leverage the joy you find here. Look at every person and every animal you see here and remember our shared hopes, fears and dreams.

We have a Coast In Common. The more we explore what unites us, the happier we’re going to be.

Cheers! Summer 2017 is upon us.