T2’S Prospects: Luck Be A Ladybug?

“Honey, I foundz it!!! Itz PERFS!!111!!” T2 Thinks He Just Found The Perfect LBI Summer Rental

Here we see T2, LBI’s legendary Oystercatcher, & his mate Linda Hamilton poking around Barnegat Light looking for the perfect summer spot, just like many of us are doing on the Island this spring. This process of prospecting is adorable stuff, with the pair poking around and scraping in the sand looking for the place that’s “just right”. When T2 finds what he thinks is the sweet spot, he calls Linda over to check it out and the pair begin to chatter in high pitched chirps. What is especially funny about this is that even though I speak zero Oystercatcher, the tone of the chatter makes it dead obvious what each bird thinks of each choice.

The family dynamics are on clear display and watching the process makes me feel really, really bad for LBI’s realtors and the type of nonsense they must have to witness as families hunt for summer rentals and try to find the perfect dream vacation among limited options on a single, very tense, Saturday afternoon whose outcome could influence the family memories and budget for a lifetime.

Although T2 and Linda have failed to produce a single chick at Barnegat Light State Park after dozens of attempts over the last decade, hope springs eternal. And this year we all might be in luck because if you were watching closely, you might have noticed that T2 appears to have chosen a summer rental featuring an especially auspicious omen. At first glance the above picture may look like a good example of a prospecting American Oystercatcher, but it is actually my best picture ever of a Ladybug.

Too bad Linda probably rejected it because it doesn’t have an elevator.

Luck Be A Ladybug.

Good luck in 2017, T2 & Linda! May this be Your Year.