The World’s Most Interesting Plover

It’s Him

It’s not only because we don’t know a lick about him, or where he came from.

It’s not simply because he has two names.

And it is not only because he sports a very handsome, and very exotic, mustache.

It’s not because he appears to be wearing some kind-of very sporty¬†underpants.

Perhaps it because he seeks out the places where others have struggled and failed, just to make his own successes that much sweeter.

Maybe it’s because when times grow dark and lives are destroyed all around him, he simply buries his many treasures like a pirate, digging them back up when waters have receded, and laughing boldly in the many faces of his cruel Gods.

Maybe it is all of these things.

Whatever the case, he appears to be, the World’s Most Interesting Plover.

Coming Soon.