You All Were Right About What Was Ain’t Right

Hijak. Peregrine Falcons In The Osprey’s Nest.

Great work team RFTNS. Tons of correct answers in the comments of the previous Reading That Ain’t Right, so here is your free blog post prize:

PEFA in the Osprey Nest. Not ideal, but it happens. Our standard local Osprey platforms are a little low for Peregrine Falcon who normally pick cliffs, skyscrapers, and bridges to nest on. Maybe they were just jelly of the all lovin’ we show our Osprey in NJ and wanted in on it. To be clear, that male PEFA was incubating an egg. That’s not just some bird hangin’ out on an Osprey Platform. That’s a nest!

Whatever the case, there was another big surprise at this nest:

37/AM: That’s Bridgette, the Bird With A Backstory’s little brother, Jeff Bridges.

Longtime readers might remember Bridgette, The Bird With A Back Story from the 2013 Post of the same name.

From the 2013 Reading, Bridgette, Bird With A Backstory

You might also know Bridgette if you have ever visited Palmyra Cove Nature Center in Western New Jersey. Apparently, whoever painted the giant mural there found Readings From The Northside’s Bridgette photos:

Giant mural at the Palmyra Cove Nature Center which looks suspiciously like Bridgette, minus her beautiful bands which help tell her very true, and very amazing, backstory. Shame! Someone should go there and spray paint her bands back on.

Anyway, cheers to Ben & Kathy, the NJ DOT, the CWFNJ, and State, and everyone else who contributed to the effort to spare that nest from needless destruction back 2012.

Jeff Bridges lives! He just has odd tastes in coastal real estate.