Gettin’ Down, Droppin’ Low: With Tacey

Egg Butt

Ahhh, that’s what has Tacey feeling so down. Egg butt. Well, I hope it is only the physical discomfort of packing an extra six ounces that her has her down, and not some kind of vague worry that Tufters doesn’t find her attractive anymore.

Of course Tufters finds her attractive. Tacey is a serious beauty.
If anything, Tacey seems a little down because Tufters finds her so attractive, he can’t stop goose-stepping up on her. For those not familiar with goose-stepping, or simply as your annual review of PIPL magic-making, check out Matin’ & Datin’ With Tufters.

Judging by the size of her egg butt, a nest is imminent.

Tacey looks exhausted, but I assure you she is in full control of the situation.¬†While she tries to rest out on the beach, Tufters is running around furiously peeping and digging scrapes for her. When she finally has the energy to go humor him, he presents his best scrape to her. Tacey then immediately leaves and goes to the same scrape she always does, the one she dug, and waits until Tufters reluctantly comes over and acknowledges her preference. Then he gets to proceed with the courtship. This is a seriously mature, liberated, and fluid gender relationship. The best part is, I’m not making any of this up.

Apparently Tacey wears the pants around here. Let’s just hope they are some big pants. That is some serious egg-butt Tace.