Tacey Down The Shore

It’s Tacey! Tacey is home!

Tacey!!!…. wait, what? Tacey, what’s wrong?

Tacey, what could possibly be wrong? You’ve finally made it home to LBI after a lovely winter in the Bahamas, where you were actually seen and photographed this winter. Tufters, your Lord Of Light, is here now too, and you two have been reunited. Even better, two of your babies from last year, Samoa & Tagalong were also seen this winter. And Tagalong was just seen again last week on Cumberland Island, perhaps on his way here!

I love it so much when you come home. You prove that you’re not just some stupid bird; you’re some very specific stupid bird that comes back to LBI every summer to raise her family, just like the rest of us. I don’t want to overstate this, but your life here among us is like a Rosetta Stone which helps decode the incomprehensible magic of the shore. Too much? OK. Well, at worst, you are an itty bitty indicator whose success or failure lets us know how we are doing taking care of this Island we love and what kind of future we might have here. You’re so awesome, I can’t even stand it.

At the bare minimum, your return guarantees that summer is just around the corner. I’m so excited!!!11!!

So tell me… what’s wrong Tacey???!!!11!!??