Neverending Nudges.

Welcome to The Atlantic Falcon Factory

Stop. Longtime readers with moderate to advanced short-term-memory will probably recognize exactly where we are right now and are therefore wiggling in their chairs in excitement, or discomfort, or maybe both.

New readers and longtime readers with limited short term memory are advised to see the grueling, exhausting, and information packed 2016 series The Golden Nudges for background & context.

Everyone loves interior shots from the abandoned Atlantic, so here’s one for you. As you can see the ground floor is still full of fun, games, hi jinx, and unsavory characters.
Though it’s not the Casino, but the Penthouse In The Sky we came to see today.
The incomparible Kathy Clark cautiously enters the last occupied suite at the Atlantic.
No one is home, so she can leave a little surprise gift. It is a wooden egg for the Grande Matriarch of New Jersey’s Peregrine Falcons, Lady Katherine.
It takes a little exploring around the massive Casino before Lady Katherine is found.
Our Lady is Oceanside.
Without babies to murder for, Lady Katherine is amazingly calm and patient.
Which is unfortunately not what Kathy wants. Kathy wants Lady Katherine to fly back to the nest box and find the little gift that has been left for her. But she’s livin’ the dream up here; not a care in the world today; just lookin’ at how pretty she is in the mirror. And also, interestingly, using the mirror to watch me instead of looking at me directly.
Kathy even tries the old “I’ve got the key to this window and I’m comin’ out there” maneuver.
No worries on top of the world. Lady Katherine will surely find that egg and most likely accept it. The reason for giving her the egg is to get her primed as a potential foster mom in the event we have some orphaned or imperiled Falcons who could use a good bonus mom this season.
Just another golden egg drop in a stream of never-ending nudges.