Feelin’ Those Blues

The true color of the beach.

It seems pretty obvious that there is a lot of blue on the beach. But it was only when I started taking pictures and seeing how the camera, that crude tool that continually tricks us into thinking it offers some true or objective version of reality, when it really only offers us the tricks that its designer, manufactures, and programmers decided were “good enough” for us, struggled to make sense of all those blues when I really started noticing.

Over the years I have thrown out 100 versions of this basic picture. Always the same story… an amazing evening… ready to go home… all of a sudden Snowy flies out of the sunset and lands right next to me to investigate, and to start his day hunting. I’m murderballed. I’m lucky to squeeze in a few pics in the 60 seconds before darkness overtakes us. I run home euphoric. Then come crashing back down with a horrid case of the winter blues when I realize just how badly the camera got it wrong.

But for some reason, tonight, I’m feelin’ it. I’m feelin’ those blues.