Smalls Talk

Tufters, Tacey, and Smalls

We interrupt this winter to bring you some random pictures from last summer. This is Tufters and Tacey, the most world famous Piping Plovers in the world (TM). And Smalls. Smalls is an idiot.

Actually, you shouldn’t even be reading this. This is not a Reading. Michelle Stantial asked if I happened to have any pictures of Tufters & Tacey fighting with Smalls for control of Barnegat Light. Turns out I do and this is the best way I could think of getting them to her. Sorry to the thousands of people essentially CC’d on a simple request for photos.

She didn’t say why she was suddenly interested in Smalls, but I’m going to guess it is for the big, fancy talk Michelle Stantial (aka MIST) will be giving this Saturday in Loveladies at the Long Beach Island Foundation. If you are anywhere near the East Coast, I highly recommend you head to the Foundation on Saturday to hear her gush about Tufters and Tacey, and all of the Island’s adorable itty bitties. I have had the pleasure of harassing her on the beach while she is trying to work on numerous occasions and can say for sure that she is a rockstar and a beach goddess. This is a Five Star opportunity to learn about the coolest things on the beach.

Tacey, layin’ down the law.

And if you’re lucky, she’ll tell you all about Smalls. I never got the chance to share with you the story of Smalls this summer, but it was a doozy. I regret never getting to it, but it was just so complicated with explosion of life that took place in Barnegat Light this summer.

Long story short, Smalls was born in New Jersey in 2015 and returned to LBI in 2016. He tried to form a nest right next to Taceters, and right on top of T2. It was really annoying and hilarious.  He flew around like an idiot all day long, peeping his head off, and trying to attract a lady. Every time he did, he blew it with his youthful bravado and annoying aggression. But he is just a youngin’ and no one will be surprised if he returns this summer to give Tufters another run for his money. I sure hope so. I spent hours being annoyed by Smalls last summer and I miss him terribly.

Smalls, Tufters, & Tacey

Head to the Foundation on Saturday. I think it is around noon, but don’t quote me on that. Five Stars.