Snow Shades

Snowy White Wayfarers

Much to-do is made about Snowy’s ginormous yellowish eyes. But it is actually far safer to look at a Snowy Owl when it is sleeping on account of the fact┬áthat it can’t hypnotize you when its eyes are shut. Fortunately that’s easy because, like most owls, Snowy Owls are basically nocturnal. They spend their nights murdering food and engaging in various hijinx, and spend their days lazily snoozing the day away in the sunniest spot they can find on the beach. Just like us!

Here Xiao Mei, the “Surf City Snowy”, shows off one her most adorable and underrated parts: her sweet shades. If you are strolling the beach this weekend and happen to stumble upon Xiao Mei this weekend, treat her as you would anyone else you found passed out on the beach in the sun.