A Fist Bump For Falcon


Fist Bumping Falcon

Peregrine Falcon rock. Period. And so does the Shore. That’s just one of many, obvious reasons why Peregrine Falcon are one the of the Jersey Shore’s greatest treasures. Fist Bump your screen (gently) if you love PEFA. If you’re old or otherwise have difficulties executing a good fist bump, you can click-to-enlarge the above photo. I made it extra big to enable more accurate, safer, and more enthusiasm-inducing fist bumping.

And if for some reason you don’t like Peregrine Falcon, it is also recommended you keep fist bumping the above photo until you feel the love,¬†experience the magic, and become completely¬†¬†infected by the monstrously huge spirit that is miraculously bundled up in these tiny packages.

And if you don’t yet know a Peregrine Falcon, start at the water towers around Long Beach Island. Surf City and Beach Haven have PEFA sitting along their tower’s railings almost everyday this time of year. Brant Beach and Ship Bottom, not so much. Late afternoon is a great time. Always check the side of the tower opposite the wind. Bring binocs because they are adorable.