Osprey pick the darnedest things to trick out their nests

It surprises some people to learn that there are actually only four Osprey nests on Long Beach Island proper. That’s kind of embarrassing given our obsession with our local fish-mangling monsters, so it understandable that we happily adopt just about any platform in Barnegat Bay, call them our own, then brag to anyone who will listen about how many Osprey nests we have on LBI. Like this one:

“The Simmons” Nest. Close enough to count as our own.

“The Simmons’ Nest” is located on a large marshy island just a hop over  from LBI. It is so close, the houses in High Bar overlooking this beauty could literally hit the nest with their coffee mugs from their decks. But they don’t do that, of course. Who would do that to an Osprey? And who would do that to their coffee?

Bob Simmons with Ben Wurst. Just a couple of Osprey Heroes, doin’ their thing.

Instead they enjoy their coffee and their Osprey. We call it The Simmons’ Nest on account of the great Bob Simmons & family who live just across the small channel and keep a watchful eye on the nest all year long, dutifully reporting any and all antics at the nest to Ben Wurst & The NJ Osprey Project all season.


+2 at the Simmons Nest in 2016

Some you might remember this nest from such posts as Osprey 61: The Photo You Were Not Supposed To See. It is a local landmark.

Sadly, word just came in that this LBI landmark nest has blown over and lost its top.  The Osprey family that uses it each season are bona fide locals at this point so it is critical we get this nest rebuilt right away.

The NJ Osprey Project has rounded up volunteers to help with the installation, but need funds for the project. Every penny makes a big difference. Please consider giving a little something with a tax-deductible donation to the NJ Osprey Project through the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ.

If we pay for this new nest, then I think it’ll be safe to say the we officially have five Osprey Nests on LBI.

Help Put The Top Back On

Strange But True: Ben found this big ol’, pink brassiere in the Simmons’ Nest this summer. I never got around to these photos because just moment later we visited another landmark nest we now call our own: Oh! Nat-u-raal!

Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to do something really tangible and concrete for LBI’s wildlife. Be a hero. It feels really cool.

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