Making Friends On The Beach

AUBO, RELI, and MIST hunt for a Winky among us.
Luckily, Our One And Only Winky is wearing a transmitter. Thanks to Dobby & Myrtle’s permissive parenting style, Winky has a tendency to go completely rogue. He can be tough to find out there on the beach when he is off trying to make friends with us.
Friends like Tatiana. Tatiana scared the heck out of me when we first met, creeping up behind me when I was looking through binoculars trying to find a rogue Winky. She had just arrived for a week’s stay on LBI with her in-laws and her biggest goal was to see a Piping Plover while in New Jersey. She was planning a trip to Cape May just to find one. Turns out Dobby, Myrtle, and Winky would be running through her family’s camp, right in front of her rental house, all week. No need to go anywhere. Welcome to the Recovery. And so she would spend her vacation helping to keep an eye on Winky, and Davey Jones, Kraken, and Barbosa too. On a lucky walk one afternoon, she met team SUNY and got the honors of Releasing The Kraken.
Skadoosh! Little Winky found among friends.
Superstar. Our One and Only Winky has attracted a huge fan club. The secret is getting out: Piping Plover don’t ruin our vacations down the shore. Piping Plover make them hilarious, magical, and memorable.
Michelle Stantial and the Winky Fan Club. Watching the future of the beach watch the future of the beach. This is what Recovery looks like.